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Yvonne W.

“Being part of The Mind Hub has given me clarity in many areas; e.g. on how to proceed, where to put focus, who to contact and what can be offered from others. By attending the valuable sessions, I have expanded my network and have gotten to know people who all have been willing to share their expertise. We share our knowledge, and also help each other on how to thrive and cross hurdles. This is a place where I can ask all the questions I have with the trust that I can rely on the other members.

- Yvonne W.

Pim J.

“The Mind Hub is a place where I found inspiring entrepreneurs with whom I could share the journey and grow together. Multiple times when I came up with an asking I was amazed by the new and different perspectives I received, which helped me to have more ideas and more options that I could execute in my business.”

- Pim J.


“Great people and an inspiring atmosphere of support. The Mind Hub network helped me clarify my priorities and hold me accountable in sticking to them in. Attending the sessions always gives me the pause and fresh insights that I need to stay innovative and on track.

- Ida H.

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You’re more than welcome to try us out for free and dip your toes in! If you try as session with us, there won’t be any expectations. You can start off by just observing. If feel like it, you’re also more than welcome to share a certain case or challenge that we could support with. Whatever you want!

To ensure the right match and maintain control over the people that join our calls, there’s always a short exploration call with Rob before you try a mastermind session.  On this call with Rob, you can ask all your questions and decide then if you want to give a mastermind session a try. 

You can be only one insight or connection away to radically improve your growth. And you don’t know if this is something for you, until you try! So let’s not overthink here and take the risk of missing this growth opportunity.  Book your exploration call now!