Are you a coach, consultant or agency owner and Do You Often feel overwhelmed by everything you could be doing to grow your business?

Action-Oriented Masterminding

Supporting Community Of Peers

10+ Business Experts

Breaking Out Of "The Bubble"

Do you feel you often miss clarity on what exactly you should do to move forward? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all strategies you could implement and decisions you have to make? Do you want to limit yourself wasting time on thinking and doubting and get in consistent action-modeBreak out of your bubble and grow with us!

Working with a unique and powerful mastermind method, our international community of coaches, consultant & agency owners combine forces to create a collaborative system that moves everyone to take the actions that make growth inevitable.  

Together we think – Together we do  – Together we grow – TOGETHER WE WIN!

"Pointing In The Right Direction"

Being a part of this community gives me a great feeling of social connection. It is a way for me to get (international) perspectives on everything I’m doing. The members can point you in the right direction and think with you about your next steps. It really helps my business grow!”

Jennifer circle

Jennifer Delano

PR Expert

"Support For Growth"

“The Mind Hub is a place where I feel comfortable in sharing, asking for help, and supporting fellow entrepreneurs. The psychological comfort underlying the network offers a unique experience in which we can dive deep and create long-term value for everyone. Real experts and entrepreneurs supporting each other’s growth and not only looking for a quick buck in the short term. Best money-value experience in the realm of online communities!


Gustavo Rego

Coach, Business Advisor

"Make Better Decisions"

The Mind Hub is a great place for me to meet and connect with quality entrepreneurs. Besides the connecting, I often receive great input on what I’m doing, and I can make better business decisions because of it. I also love to see and learn from other people’s experiences and challenges. All in all, a great place to grow yourself and your business!”

Danny circle

Danny Martins

Branding & Marketing Expert 

Being confronted With The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster...

Hi, I'm Rob

I’ve always had the dream to be my own boss and build meaning businesses. I’m very passionate about business, entrepreneurship and personal development. Around 4 years ago, I decided to follow my passion and start my first business. It was a business where I would help people to build better habits with tools, accountability and coaching. 

Although I absolutely loved what I was doing, I very quickly learned about the entrepreneurial challengesI was building the business myself and quickly learned that have a valuable service and product is definitely not enough to run a successful business. Building that business around my products & services was easier said than done for me. Although I read a lot of books and watched different courses, I tried different strategies, but never really felt 100% sure what I should be doing to move forward. And when I did something, I was often disappointed with the results. 

Rob Portret

A fortunate encounter...

After being in business for around a year, something incredible happened for me. I got introduced to masterminding and encountered a mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Wanting to improve my situation, I joined this mastermind and that’s when a whole new world opened up for me

Suddenly, I was consistently creating meaningful connections with like-minded people, receiving valuable perspectives and feedback, getting connected and referred to people I was looking for, finding clients and much more. This all resulted in me being a lot more confident and clear in what I wanted to do, which made me a lot more effective with my actions. Receiving all this help and support and seeing the difference because of this felt absolutely amazing. 

From excited participant to excited facilitator...

After having +2.5 years of mastermind experience, I started to see what masterminding can do, but also what could be improved. Then, knowing about my excitement and skills, the founder of my mastermind offered me the opportunity to take over the mastermind. Realizing I would actually be very excited to run a mastermind for myself, I decided to start this new project but to transition to a new masterminding concept. I wanted to develop a mastermind concept that solved all the challenges I had seen and experienced. Also, know many entrepreneurs are still unfamiliar with good masterminding, I felt extremely excited to make it my personal mission to introduce the power of good masterminding hundreds of entrepreneurs and help them with their challenges.

I embarked on my journey of building The Mind Hub. Now, having spoken with countless entrepreneurs, having been through a beta period and months of experimentation, I’m proud to lead this unique mastermind that helps entrepreneurs to effectively solve their challenges by increasing clarity and action-taking.

How We Solve Challenges And Create Results Together?

Our Clarity & Growth-Accelerating Formula!

Our formula is simple, but damn effective! Check it out: 

* Our formula will create a strong sense of accountability and responsibility, which will motivate you to take the actions necessary to grow and move forward.

* Without any obligations or expectations

Why Are We Different From What You Have Seen So Far?

Check Out Our 5 Unique Pillars That Make Growth Inevitable


With everything we do, we focus on the actions that need to follow in order to truly create results and solve challenges. 


We are not just about giving each other quick tips, making quick connections and sharing shallow challenges, we seek to go deep enough to truly solve the core challenges that hold you back.


By organizing different mastermind groups where entrepreneurs come together based on experience levels and goals, we ensure that topics and conversations on the masterminds are relevant for everyone. 


Besides peers, we also have business experts that join our masterminds sessions. In this way, we also have experienced people participating that know how to solve challenges.


We always strive toward a strong feeling of togetherness within the community. Members maintain a healthy balance between giving & receiving.

Utilize The Power Together & Save Precious Time

Do you recognize that we can spend hours, day, weeks and sometimes even months to think about how to do something? To watch all the YouTube videos and courses and read all the books, but to only be more and more unsure about what you should focus on. Sometimes all you need is a few fresh perspectives and ideas and a friendly kick in the butt to start executing on something. That’s what we do. 


* Without any obligations or expectations

What Kind Of Community Are We?

Members With A Range of Experience and Expertise

We have a community with people with different expertise and experience, making it a lovely mix where everyone can learn from one another. Besides that, our members are not just participating to promote themselves and get value. We have a community of well-intended people that maintain a healthy balance between receiving and also giving in return. Together, we create an atmosphere where you truly feel that people care about you. As a result, members trust and feel safe enough to openly talk about their experiences and challenges. 

Danny Martins – Branding & Social Media Expert
“Hello there! My name is Danny Martins and I’m all about social media and branding! I’m a person who values real human communication and who’s passionate about authentic marketing and imaginative storytelling. The purpose of my company is to create humanized branding and build loyal communities of true brand ambassadors for businesses on social media. The Mind Hub is a great place for me to meet and connect with quality entrepreneurs. Besides the connecting, I often receive great input on what I’m doing, and I can make better business decisions because of it. I also love to see and learn from other people’s experiences and challenges. All in all, a great place to grow yourself and your business!”

Pim Janszen – Performance & Public Speaking Expert
“Hi! My name is Pim Janszen! I’m peak performance trainer and coach. With live trainings and coaching, I help people transform their lives, by teaching them to turn negative thoughts into positivity, helping them to discover what they really want and by increasing their self-imageI also help speakers to tell their stories powerfully, so they can make more impact and make a good living from their passion. The Mind Hub is a place where I can find inspiring entrepreneurs to share my journey with. The community helps me to stay inspired and to never run out of good ideas to improve my business. I highly recommend it!” 

Jennifer circle
Jennifer Delano – PR Expert
“Hi, I’m Jennifer and I’m all about PR! I help businesses to make their marketing effective again and becoming well known by gaining free publicity. Being a part of this community gives me a great feeling of social connection. It is a way for me to get (international) perspectives on everything I’m doing. The members can point you in the right direction and think with you about your next steps. It really helps my business grow!”

Gustavo R.
Gustavo R. – Innovation & Business Expert
“Hi, my name is Gustavo Rego and I’m an entrepreneur and business advisor. I advise start-ups and scale-ups in finding and maintaing their problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and business model fit. I coach and mentor (wanna be) entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial journey. So far, TMH helped my expand my network and reach out to valuable connections and strategic partners.”

Lisa van Leusden – Online Marketing Expert
“Hi, I’m Lisa van Heusden from LVH Marketing! I’m all about social media advertising. I offer complete management of social media advertising on Facebook & Instagram. So far, The Mind Hub has helped me make connections with amazing other experts and the ability to discuss different topics that you will come across in having a business. Hope to see you soon! “

Hannah Härtwich – Systems Mapping Expert
“Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a systems mapper! I use Systems Mapping to help entrepreneurs clarify their new business idea, identify strategic changes, smoothly onboard new employees, reach the full potential of your team, support cooperation between stakeholders and more! The Mind Hub helps me to connect with great entrepreneurs that I can learn from. I regularly receive incredible input on what I’m doing, which gives me more clarity for what I want to focus on. I’m grateful to be part of the community! 

And that’s just a few of our powerful minds… 

Business Knowledge & Experience At Your Fingertips

Because we have a community of experts, the members in our community are already full of knowledge and expertise. Though… to have even more business knowledge and experience on our platform, we have a pool of business experts called “The Mind Hub Mentors“. These business experts participate in different sessions to share their insights and perspectives on the topics that are discussed.

Gerrit ten Haaken
“Hi, I’m Gerrit ten Haaken! As a seasoned executive coach, I help leaders and teams to realize break-through performance by transforming their communication and collaboration processes. I’m part of The Mind Hub Business Expert group because I enjoy facilitating groups of like-minded people to gain new inspiration and share ideas for their business needs. Take action. Create your future!”

Jo-Ann Liauw
“I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs creating clarity and focus in their thousand business ideas by breaking down their business & life goals into actionable steps. I made a career change from pharmacist to business & life coach and have 10 years of experience in pharmacy management. I’m part of The Mind Hub Mentors because I enjoy sharing my experience and help entrepreneurs develop their business and reach their goals.”

Gert Van Avondt
“Hi, I’m Gert! I am the co-driver of your strategy. I help entrepreneurs (the drivers) with business and marketing strategy, so they can reach their objectives in the best possible way. I’m part of the Mind Hub Mentors to help you become a better driver of your business. How can I help?”

Marjan van de Bult
“A message is underway”

And that’s just a few of our powerful business experts… 

Expert Circle

* Without any obligations or expectations

Go where it's relevant for you...

The 4 Ways How We Come Together

General Masterminds​

We have two general mastermind groups where members come together and support each other on all their challenges.

Goal Masterminds

We have mastermind groups where members with a similar goal come together to work on that goal for a certain period of time. 

Deep Dive Sessions

If challenges of our members need some depth in order to truly be solved, we organize special sessions to dive into this.

Accountability Groups

To consistently follow our commitment and keep focused even more, we have special groups where we discuss our progress and goals and hold each other accountable for our commitments.

* Without any obligations or expectations

Community Platform

Our Own Online Community Platform

To serve as our home base, we have our own beautiful online community platform. This platform allows members to easily get in touch with each other, post questions and do a lot more. You can also find everything you need to know about the community, masterminds and other events here. 

Let's not over rush any commitments here...

Comfortably Dip your Toes in And explore If This Could be Something For you

You’re more than welcome to try us out for free and dip your toes in! If you try as session with us, there won’t be any expectations. You can start off by just observing. If feel like it, you’re also more than welcome to share a certain case or challenge that we could support with. Whatever you want!

To ensure the right match and maintain control over the people that join our calls, there’s always a short exploration call with Rob before you try a mastermind session.  On this call with Rob, you can ask all your questions and decide then if you want to give a mastermind session a try. 

You can be only one insight or connection away to radically improve your growth. And you don’t know if this is something for you, until you try! So let’s not overthink here and take the risk of missing this growth opportunity.  Book your exploration call now!