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We facilitate a masterminding platform where service business entrepreneurs become better business owners to increase their impact and success. 

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Do you have an expertise, but do you feel you could be better in building a business around it? Tired of building your business alone? Do you sometimes feel like you could use a boost of clarity or confidence? Looking for a way to find support during your entrepreneurial journey? 

Look no further! Organized in a unique and powerful mastermind structure, our international community of experts and entrepreneurs is welcoming you with open arms. Stop going about your business alone. Join the tribe and grow with us! 

Hi I'm Rob

I am a passionate entrepreneur who has been absolutely sold on the value of good masterminding. Having been a part of a mastermind for around two years, I recognized and experienced what it can do for the growth and well-being of entrepreneurs. 

Consistently creating meaningful connections with like-minded people, receiving valuable perspectives and feedback, getting connected and referred to people I was looking for, finding clients and much more. Everything I got out of my mastermind experience proved to help me immensely on my entrepreneurial journey. Like most, my journey definitely hasn’t always been easy, so receiving this help was really amazing.

During my journey, I also learned that good masterminding is so much more than getting a bunch of people together. To truly unleash the power, it needs to be organized and facilitated in the right way. 

Realizing I would be very excited to facilitate this myself, I have now made it my personal mission to create the best possible mastermind concept and show countless other entrepreneurs what good masterminding can do for them. Can I show you too? 

Rob Portret

Rob Swagten

Founder & Community Manager Of The Mind Hub

The 5 Pillars That Make Us Unique


We are not just about giving each other tips and making quick connections, we seek to go deep enough to truly solve your core challenges.


Receive support that is relevant for your current goals and priorities. We are able to implement what we learn right away, not somewhere in the future.


Besides peer-to-peer support, you also receive support from experts who know how to solve your challenges.


Everyone who’s participating takes responsibility for his/her own experience and the experience of others in the community. Our combined responsibility creates the community we desire.


We always strive toward a strong feeling of togetherness within the community. Members maintain a healthy balance between giving & receiving.

As A Member You Can...

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“Great people and a calm and inspiring atmosphere of support. The Mind Hub network helped me clarify my priorities and hold me accountable in sticking to them in. Attending the sessions always gives me the pause and fresh insights that I need to stay innovative and on track.”

- Ida H.


“The Mind Hub is a place where I feel comfortable in sharing, asking for help, and supporting fellow entrepreneurs. The psychological comfort underlying the network offers a unique experience in which we can dive deep and create long-term value for everyone. Real experts and entrepreneurs supporting each other’s growth and not only looking for a quick buck in the short term. Best money-value experience in the realm of online communities!”

- Gustavo R.

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